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M&G Manufacturing Engineering Pigment ink of superfine molecule: Pigment ink of superfine molecule More superfine the graphite molecule is, more easily it can pass through the nib, and more fluent the writing is. The pigment ink that is made through the
M&G are strict with themselves as well as all M&G partners to shoulder the responsibility as the citizens of the word. We not only abide by the local laws and shoulder the social responsibility, but also put great efforts on ways of using and making environmental materials, thus contribute a lot to the world environment protection and establish recycling economy society.
How to grind the particle as possible as you can and make it to be separated instead of agglomerated is a big problem. But fortunately, after the studies of so many years, this problem has been settled basically. Even so, the strictest process procedure and the quality control system are still needed to eliminate this problem.
M&G’s technological and production background enables us to put your innovative ideas into life.
One leading manufacturer of pens offers a liquid lead mechanical pencil. The graphite in this case, is in solution, behaving much like ink as it rolls from the ballpoint-like tip. However, once the fluid is absorbed into the paper and dries, only erasable graphite is left. This mechanical pencil purportedly writes with the fluid motion of a pen, while offering all the advantages of a pencil. It retails for less than $3 (US dollars), and is refillable.
We appreciate all the suggestions and the words of critics if necessary. Our goal is to achieve smooth and win - win cooperation with the customers through learning the customers’ needs, markets’ demands and constant development of our potential in satisfying the customers and their markets.
At least 25,000 years ago, there existed inscribed pictures about human and animals inside the primitive caves. In 2000 BC, Chinese invented the brush pen made of mouse hair.
M&G makes determination to be good enterprise citizen in the global village. To be in the place of protecting the environment where we live, we put our efforts to develop and establish recycling economy,
Fountain pen is also called automatic water pen, whose nib is made of special metal. Fountain pen has setting inside to store the ink, which flow to nib when writing ountain pen can be divided into golden pen
"M&G is always with creativity" manifest itself in product R&D. "Writing Creativity" benefits from the continually ideas and innovations coming out from the M&G world creative studio.

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