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Word-class M&G

Shanghai M&G Stationery Inc is a comprehensive stationery enterprise specializing in the stationery industry, which integrates the value of creativity into its service advantages. Due to the integrity-oriented, pragmatic, efficient & win-win business philosophy , M&G has made a miracle of a annual double-digit growth since the establishment in 1997. 

Contemporarily, M&G will assume responsibility as a world citizen, and strive to utilize environment-friendly materials and manufacturing methods for the sake of environmental protection and the establishment of recyclable economy.

M&G is a creative company belonging to the creative industries more than a traditional manufacturing. We can hold initiative status for ever by our core competitiveness from integrating manufacturing advantages and creativity value.

Creativity Value 
"M&G--Always different" is the core of our design concepts.
 We also have established a set of unique “all-the-way R&D system” From consuming value design, product industrial design, tooling development to brand image design, M&G features its ultra strong ability to transform creative ideas into finished products at an early stage.

Manufacturing Advantages

Manufacturing advantages of M&G reflects in superior manufacturing capability basing on technology advantages and cost advantages. We pursue cost-effective on the premise of meeting customers'needs, rather than sacrificing the quality. 

a modern and international "M&G industrial park";

More than 5,000 skilled workers and high-quality management team;

The innovative 16 manufacturing process flows ensure all-round strict control;

Successfully passed the auditing of ISO9001 Quality Management System by SGS.


Global Market

With high competitiveness of products, M&G brand has dramatically upgraded its     popularity, reputation and customer loyalty. 

We have put our products on the markets of Southeast Asia, Europe, Japan, United     States and Mid-East. Now we are expanding the market share gradually.


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