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Shanghai M&G Stationery Inc. provides two business models for the worldwide customers which are M&G brand and M&G ODM / OEM.


Business model - M&G brand Unique Advantages 


1. High Quality Satisfaction

The high cost performance of M&G products is the best worldwide. We have famous and excellent designers and engineers who come from Korea more than 200 professional and experienced QC, they are all very strict with controlling on functions, design and quality.


2. Proven Experience and Financial Stability

M&G has been involved in the stationery market for more than 20 years, so partners can rest easy knowing M&G is a stable and reliable business partner which you can work with in the long run.


3. Low MOQ

M&G has very low limitation on MOQ for regular products 


4. Marketing supports

M&G has the marketing team to support our partners to expand the market and increase the brand awareness and repulation.


5. Diverse products to satisfy needs

With diverse ranges from writing instruments to other stationeries, M&G can provide various products to help partners satisfy the consumers' various need. 


Business model - M&G ODM / OEM Unique Advantages


1. ODM / OEM Mission

Escalate your business with M&G Professional package of Manufacturing and Service. M&G brings more value to your brand and business.


2. ODM / OEM R&D Service


3. ODM / OEM Key Process Control


4. ODM / OEM Professional Categories Management


5. Partnership

M&G has been working with global clients for many years and we always cherish the partnership in long term cooperation view. With professional manufacturing and service package, M&G will always cooperate with key accounts in strategic level and planning for the future.

 charged depending on a model and a level of customization; 

Samples' cost

with M&G logo - free of charge;  with customer’s logo - may be


Payment Terms

We are open to consider customers’ suggestions and work out the win-to-win solutions, suitable for every party.  The two most popular ways of payment arrangements among our customers:L/C, T/T.



All our team is devoted to minimize the quality problems. Starting from our engineers to the production staff and quality control to the warehouse staff, we all do our best to provide our customers with the goods of the best quality.

Guarantee from 6 – 12 months is provided depending on the item. Replacement will be provided free of change if any discrepancies are proven to occur. 

In case of any quality problem, please contact the nearest M&G center for help and advise or directly contact our main office in Shanghai, China.

After a prompt careful and detailed research and testing the respectable samples received from your side, we are going to provide you with the professional reply and responsible solution to the problem.



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