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Shanghai M&G Stationery Inc. has more than 10 factories and 6000 workers which produce all kinds of pens, notebooks, correctors, PP files and sticky notes. 


All these factories are modern and high-efficiency with advanced Japanese 5S management experiences and imported automaticly equipments, always insure high quality products providing and on time delivery.


Total production capacity for writing instruments: 300 million pcs per month


Shanghai M&G Stationery Inc.


Shanghai M&G Stationery Inc.


Shanghai M&G Stationery Inc.


Shanghai M&G Stationery Inc.


Shanghai M&G Stationery Inc.




M&G has worked with some world famous companies such as Sanford, DASIO, Disney, Anchan, Faber-Castell and so on with OEM / ODM for many years.


Shanghai M&G Stationery Inc.


- EDI capabilities

M&G applies ERP system, DRP system, CRM system for great supply chain management, distribution and retail planning, customers management.


- Lead times (per geographical zone & country)

Normally production lead time is 45-55 days; 
Mold leading time is 2-3 months.


- Factory investment in the last 3 years

M&G has introduced series of advanced machines, started one new industrial park in last three years, and developed and improved some fully automatic production lines and semi automatic production lines by ourself. We totally launched over 246 brand new moulds and 785 new items in last three years. 


- Manufacturing Facilities

The first class manufacturing machines including Moulding machines, tooling machine, assembling machines, inspection machines from Germany, Japan etc. For example, the moudling machine from DMG, which was designed for making weapons.


- Sales / Marketing support

M&G can provide professional proposals, such as how to describe the products, discount in special period, designing artworks for you, how to stock the writing instruments correctly etc


- Technical support (if applicable)

M&G can provide all the professional technical knowledge on writing instruments which you need. If youl have some specific idea of new product, we can report to our R&D to evaluate the possibility.


- Key Operating Objectives

A leading comprehensive stationery enterprise specializing in production and service provision for international market.


- R&D

M&G has over 200 R&D staffs from graphic design, raw material research,  product function, product design, moudle design, product test etc.


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